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Case Studies

Technical Testing Technologies takes pride in providing our clients with solutions to their unique projects.


Hotel and Conference Center, Monterey CA


Hotel and Conference Center in Monterey California with water seeping through cement slap under waterproofing membrane.  While performing the membrane integrity testing it was discovered that there was water, seeping up through the cement slab, forming water blisters under the membrane.  Thanks to the High Voltage Membrane Integrity testing performed by Technical Testing Technologies the general contractor was able to take action to locate and stop the water source before construction was completed.

Center with Green Roof, Nashville TN


A roofing company attempted to find the leak in the membrane on a Green Roof under the overburden by digging up the overburden, including paver-stones, in the area where the leak was manifesting itself inside the building. This failed as the roof had a significant slope with an extensive array of conduit running along the ceiling which offered plenty of migration path ways for the water to travel.  Thanks to the previously installed On-Demand Low Voltage Vector Mapping System, a technician was able to pinpoint the breach to a very precise location. Instead of excavating a large area of Green Roof, only an area of about 2 square feet was dug up and the breach was located without significant damage to the Overburden of the Green Roofing System.


Retail and Event Center, Sacramento CA


A Client had a fast track construction project with very tight deadlines.  In a panic the client contacted Technical Testing Technologies needing a small bridge deck that connected two buildings tested.  There was no time to perform the work required for a 48 hour flood test as the schedule called for cement to be poured the following day.  Technical Testing Technologies was able to work with the waterproofing contractor and test the waterproofing membrane as each section of material was installed saving the contractor time and money allowing them to keep their production schedule on time. 


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