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Electronic Leak Testing and Real-Time Leak Detection Systems
On-Demand Testing

Our On Demand Testing Service is the preferred choice by contractors to keep their waterproofing and roofing projects on schedule when membrane integrity testing is required by the manufacture or building owners. 


We utilize both Low Voltage Vector Mapping and High Voltage Sweep Detection methods per ASTM D7877-14 standards as set forth by ASTM International.

We are able to perform waterproof membrane integrity testing on a wide verity of scopes and applications in half the time as traditional testing methods keeping your project on schedule. 

Real Time Detection

Gaussan™ Always­On Electronic Leak Detection systems provide the most comprehensive and accurate real time leak detection system available for waterproofing membrane and roofing systems.


Our sensors and cables are robust and can be used not only in building applications, but also in applications as demanding as landfill liners, chemical waste and other civil applications. The Gaussan™ sensors can be installed under the roofing or waterproofing membrane or actually mopped or torched into the interply of a hot or cold bituminous multiply membrane.


The sensors are connected to an onsite control panel using JACE Protocol to provides 24/7 monitoring.  These systems will pinpointing leak locations and time of leakage event. Gaussan™ Always­On Electronic Leak Detection systems can be integrated into you existing BAS or other building monitoring systems.

Conductive Mesh

Gaussan™ ConDuct mesh is used under the waterproofing when the waterproofing or roofing system is loose laid or fully adhered with a vapor barrier which blocks electrical access to the structure, or with a wooden deck. It can also be installed in a mechanically fastened roof to facilitate testing by minimizing the distance water has to travel signaling a leak. The permanent setup includes Gaussan™ ConDuct mesh, boundary cables and access to cable leads if overburden will be installed. 

Gaussan™ ConDuct Stainless Steel Mesh Product Data Sheet

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